Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carrot Cake

Shredding Carrots by Hand

When I was growing up, my mother made carrot cake in the microwave!  Better yet, it was good carrot cake, with a nice tender crumb, lightly spiced and full of carrots, and it only took 7-9 mins to cook!  We always made it in the same round glass baking dish.  If I were to see that dish again today, I'm sure it would remind me only of the carrot cake.

Carrot cake is gaining popularity in Paris, and I find this both surprising and not.  The French adore Carrot Rape, or a salad made just of shredded carrots and a simple dressing.  However, they are not always a fan of the cake sucre (sweet cakes) made with vegetables.  For example, when I offered my Zucchini bread to my Laduree co-workers last summer, many refused to try it because of the idea that it was sweet with something that is normally savory. Many American/English style cafes are now offering generous cupckes or mammoth slices of Gateau aux Carrottes and the French seem to love it! Most often it is slathered with the requisite cream cheese frosting- thought the frosting is not always made with the true Philadelphia Cream cheese. At Rose, where I had been working, we often used Carre Frais, a spreadable French cheese with a not quite as smooth texture, but the flavor closely resembled good old Philly.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Kitchen Addition

You've seen my kitchen and what little space there is.  There really isn't much more I can fit in there.  My home baking repertoire is limited by space and equipment... and I really miss my Kitchen aid.  With all this in mind, I struggled for a bit on deciding if I could live without full size stand mixer for a while longer, or if I could squeeze it into a corner somewhere....

And then I found this on French ebay:

Now that I've gone so long without one, I have to think a bit about what I want to make first.  Romain has already requested Chocolate cake, he might just get it.  And don't worry I found space for it in the hall closet for when it is not in use.  More desserts to come!

Now if I could just figure out how to have a bigger oven......