Monday, March 21, 2011

Chocolatier Chapon

Chocolate CHAPON 69, rue du Bac in the 7th

Paris is such a great city to walk and wander in.  My first few weeks here, I had plenty of time to wander and I was usually carrying my camera with me.  This day I was very happy to have had my camera as I was taking a stroll down rue du Bac.  Often I will stop and stare into shop windows, mostly patisseries and chocolate shops, but the ocassional shoe store will stop me in my tracks as well. Chapon made me stop and because I couldn't believe my eyes, I had to go in for a closer look. 

 Back wall of the boutique that caught my eye from outside

The entire back wall was beautifully decorated and covered with old metal chocolate molds!  Most molds used today are hard plastic or silicon.  I often scour brocantes and antique shops looking for these to decorate my own kitchen.  I found a few nice tablet molds at a brocante in Deauville last summer.  I wondering how often the sales girl gets asked if it is ok to take a photo, I'm guessing quite a lot.

  It's such a beautiful and appropriate decor for their shop.  

After discreetly snapping a few photos, I examined the chocolate selection and selected a few pieces to try.  I don't remember all the pieces I got, only that one was had a passion fruit ganache filling and I was a little disappointedThe taste of the passion fruit was barely evident.  The quality of the chocolate over all was nice and they had some other interesting flavor combinations, but nothing that really wowed me.  However I may consider going again to give them another try.  And I'm curious if their other shop in the 16th has a similar design, that would be a lot of chocolate molds!

Front Window display of pieces