Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Chapter

 Chocolate Truffle Cake

After many sad goodbyes, 2 Iceland Air flights, 3 very heavy suitcases up four flights of stairs, and now 6 hours ahead of the USA, I am in Paris. It is good to be here finally and not feel the uncertainty of when I will be back.  This time I am here for good.  Paris, are you ready?

It is not an easy task of leaving one's country even when knowing where you are headed is as exciting as the city of love, food and lights.  Even though I had only lived in Boston just over 6 years, they were some very fundamental years in my life.  In a recent conversation with my sister, I told her, I feel I grew up in Boston.  Yes, I know I physically grew up in Ohio, but I really figured out who I was and what I wanted to do in Boston.  I've always been interested in Food, but I really became the foodie I am in Boston.  When I left Ohio for Boston, I had hopes of finding my true passion and life's work, and amazingly I did.  Now I am wondering how is Paris going to shape me?  Of course my hope is to keep growing and learning as always. 

The Chocolate Truffle cake was made on Saturday, the day after I arrived.  So officially my first cake made here in Paris this time around.  It was taken to a wine dinner that evening and enjoyed along with an Apple Tart.  There will be more desserts to come, but for now I have unpacking and preparing to do.  My first official visitors in Paris arrive on Thanksgiving morning and then more guest for a special event this weekend.  :-)

A tres bientot!