Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hello again....

Yes, I know it's been a while. I apologize. I'm finally moved into my new apartment and amidst going to physical therapy to rehab my wandering knee cap, and enjoying the bounty of cucumbers, beans and squash from my garden, my computer has decided to go on the fritz. So until someone decides they can either soder the DC connection for me, or send me $140 to get it fixed (kidding) my posting may be limited. Sorry.

My knee is doing better, well was. I took spill on a slippery Wal-mart entrance this weekend and landed on my left side. While it was not a very hard fall, I attribute that to my derby training. I do feel I may have stressed the muscles a little and have been in a bit of pain again this week. Ugh, 1 step forward, 2 steps back. I should have complained and had Wal-mart pay for the past 3 weeks of PT that had got me to the almost pain free point I was at until Saturday afternoon. Not very happy about being in pain again.

While I was rejoicing at the almost regular rain showers we were having earlier in the summer, it is now proving to be too much of a good thing. My garden is suffering, and my tomato plants are starting to rot. I have a lot of green tomatoes, but instead of turning a rosy shade of orange and red, they are just becoming speckled and lined. My yellow squash has produced maybe 5 small buds and then rotted before coming to fruition. My cucumbers which are trying to take over the garden, have not succumbed. They are taking note from my tough peas, which also happen to still be blooming! And I have enjoyed several crisp tastey cucumbers and several handfuls of fuzzy green and wax beans.

I'm not giving up. I hope to get out and take a few more photos this week, but it really isn't much to see, just a sea of cucumber vines. Good thing I really love cucumbers, but only second to tomatoes. I'm holding out and I guess if all else fails, the farmers market is on Saturday. (but tell my garden I cheated)

Happy August, boy does time fly.