Saturday, May 24, 2008

Please, no drooling......

It's finally Friday and a 3 day weekend. I've been day-dreaming all week about makings these since I discovered what Pate Choux was and what you can make with it. CREAM PUFFS! I'm quite pleased with my first attempt. I've eaten 3 already; thank goodness I made them on the small side. (Hint, I added french vanilla Kahlua to the whipped cream for the filling) I'm finally also figuring out how to use the fine focus on my digital objects may appear larger than they really are. And please try not to lick the screen.

More updates on the garden soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Farewell Lil'Suzi

I sold my motorcycle Sunday morning. She was a lovely first bike for the few times that I rode her, but I cannot afford to keep and maintain her right now. Thankfully, she went to a friend of a friend, so I will probably see her around. At this point I will go as a passenger with Pete, till I can save up enough money to buy another bike down the road. If anyone comes across a Kawasaki w650 going for short money, let me know..... I think it would be a great predecessor to Suzi.

A friendly reminder to all motorist: Check Twice, Save a Life! Motorcycles are Everywhere! (and my boyfriend and I are likely to be on one)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Pea, oh my!

In my apartment hunting absence, my peas and lettuce have taken off! Last sunday I was pleased to find hardy bunches of pea plants in my plot. The lettuce is lagging behind the peas a bit, and the Boston lettuce plants I bought seem to be wilting and not doing so well. BUT the peas, oh glorious peas!

I did find a new apartment and signed the lease last week. The end of this month is going to be very busy with me packing up my belongings and moving to my new home, which thankfully is not too far from my garden. (and it has a nice backyard.....). It also brings Memorial day weekend; the time for planting outdoors without fear of frost anymore. I have a windowsill full of beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, zinnia and nasturtium seedings that are eager to stretch their roots and limbs, and take off.

I did plant a few things last weekend that I do not have to worry about frost affecting. A nice coworker gave me a large bunch of dahlia bulbs. I bought some day lily bulbs and put them into the ground. At the far end the plot I planted 2 small bunches of Sequoia strawberries. They already has small green strawberries on them from sitting in the windowsill at home for a few weeks.

I'm anxious for warmer weather and seeing how my plants (babies) fair.